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First design
This is the first design I'm releasing to public ever. It's HTML, CSS and JQuery. Very simple. Note that nothing is functional. It's ONLY a design. It's a theme I made for booters, one called the n0r booter and the other one LS. I made these from scratch. Have fun and send me a link if you've used it Tongue. Download link: [hide][/hide]
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
I checked it out. Design is pretty awesome. Great job!
Thanks, it's simple yet effective.
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
You have a pretty spiffy design there, Great Job!
let me chek it out thanks man Big Grin
I'd love to see this. I won't be using it, but I think it's be cool to see what you can do Smile
the way you described it it sounds pretty cool Big Grin
Need any help? Feel free to PM me Big Grin i'll be glad to help!

My Contribution Threads!!

Why you hid this is beyond me.

Doesn't look too bad, but could use a lot of improvement.

Previously mays0n.
i would like to see this
[Image: SrKR68V.png]
They say that I can't last a day in the real world
I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine

Note. My English will be pretty bad for the next week or so, I'm using a blackberry PlayBook and the keyboard is utter shit.
Let's see what you've made of this Smile
[Image: cyber3.png]

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