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havent laughed this hard for ages!
so some kid registered as virus i had him on skype and look at this XD

[15:04:07] V!rus™: copyright dmca is coming to ur house
[15:04:18] V!rus™: i spend 3k on the tm for my name
[15:04:33] Instagram : LOL
[15:04:48] V!rus™: nolie
[15:04:52] Instagram : considereing nothing is registered to my house -_- i dont own the domain or site i just admin
[15:05:01] V!rus™: still
[15:12:55] V!rus™: show me this
[15:12:55] V!rus™:
[15:12:58] V!rus™: screen shot
[15:13:14] V!rus™: its copyright im not lieing im gna report this
[15:13:50] Instagram : what ?
[15:14:15] V!rus™: screen shot of the page
[15:14:39] Instagram : what page?
[15:14:57] V!rus™:
[15:15:17] Instagram : why?
[15:15:56] Instagram :
[15:15:59] V!rus™: i think its got my 404 page error page which i made if ture im gna report ur site
[15:18:49] V!rus™: REPORTED
[15:19:00] Instagram : proof that ts yours?
[15:19:29] V!rus™:
[15:20:17] Instagram : theyre two different images :/ you did not make that 404 page ive seen it everywhere online loads have edited and added theyre own text!
[15:21:08] Instagram : its the weebly 404 page
[15:21:29] V!rus™: i work for dmca
[15:21:35] Instagram : sure.....
[15:21:37] V!rus™: so ur site is gna be down
[15:21:41] Instagram : k
[15:21:58] V!rus™: leaksforums theme, hacksforums tabs, wtf man
[15:22:01] V!rus™: its mad
Guy is a complete idiot.

1. Our host does not accept DMCA complaints AT ALL.
2. He can't find our host anyway because we can't be resolved by CloudFlare resolvers.
3. He doesn't know where any of us live.

Please tell him to add me on skype so I can troll him harder!
Lmao His Skype is is v20007 :3
Some people just never learn Big Grin

What the fuck did you do to my signature virus!?!?!?! :OOOOO ;(
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
(02-14-2013, 03:43 PM)scheMe Wrote: Some people just never learn Big Grin

What the f**k did you do to my signature virus!?!?!?! :OOOOO ;(

Sorry dude new rules Smile

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