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How to get all iOS 4 features on iPod Touch 2G
Do you have an iPod Touch 2nd generation on iOS 4.2.1 and is disappointed that you cannot get a home screen wallpaper or even multitasking? Well then this is the thread for you!

• Jailbroken iPod Touch
• Cydia

1) Open up Cydia and go to 'Sections'.
[Image: j15c1d.png]

2) Scroll down until you find tweaks and tap on it.
[Image: 33z8yvo.png]

3) In tweaks, scroll down until you find Features and tap on it.
[Image: 9k2ltv.png]

4) Tap on 'install' and then press 'Confirm' and it will begin to install WinterBoard and Features and once it is done installing both it will respring your device.
[Image: t7how1.png]

5) Now to enable the iOS 4 features that you would like, go into WinterBoard, tap on 'Select Themes', choose the features that you would like, and then press the home button and your device will respring!
[Image: 346b2w3.png]

6) After your device has resprung, the features that you have chosen will be in effect!
[Image: 6fujyb.png]

[Image: 2n9yqnb.png]
nice tut you got there :3 i have the iphone 4s and ipod touch 3rd gen
Lucky, I'm stuck with this lame iPod Touch 2g.
Nice Share! I have an iPhone 4s.

Nice tut there dude. It will help a couple of people.
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

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