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Setting Up A Botnet For Free [With Hosting]
Some things you need to know:
A Botnet is a Panel that can keep many computers connected to it.
The Computers connected to it is called Bots.
The bots will be under your Command so you will be able to command them to do things and they will do it.
In this tutorial I will teach you how to setup a Botnet.


Before doing anything Download the Botnet File's.
To download the botnet click the link below:

Step: 1

Extract the Botnet Files and then open up the Folder "Panel".
Find Config.Php and Edit it with any writing Program.

Step: 2

Now go to your Webhost and add SQL DB and User.
When you are done with that upload the .sql to your sql DB from the Folder "SQL".

Step: 3

Edit the SQL Connection info in Config.Php.
[Image: dK8Ak.png]
Save when done.

Step: 3

Upload everything in the Folder "Panel" to your Webhost.
Now close the folder etc.

Step: 4

Go to the Website you used to upload.
Login to your Botnet with the password in Config.Php
[Image: lCJaP.png]

You got your own Botnet!

Step: 5
Go back to the Folder "Botnet" and open up Build.exe.
Then type in Your Domain Name and the Path.
[Image: Vb4UX.png]

Build the File, Crypt & Spread!

This tutorial is for educational purposes only and should not be used in illegal ways.
I am not responsible about what you do with this, but it should be used private only with permission from the computer owners.
Wow, great tutorial!

botnet.exe only allows 12 characters..?
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
need to see this could be good
(04-07-2013, 05:33 PM)scheMe Wrote: Wow, great tutorial!

botnet.exe only allows 12 characters..?

Thought about setting up a Botnet. Really good tutorial, thanks mate !
I just few understand about botnet lol
is thi ur own bot ?
(04-17-2013, 04:27 AM)vee3 Wrote: is thi ur own bot ?

No, I found it on the internet and it's pretty good, but the host field is limited to 12 characters, unfortunately.
I got like 190+ bots and good share look simple Smile
I spread through Torrents fastest place and easy ._.

Good web host there!! Big Grin
Best Regards,

[Image: 8COZs1S.gif]
Dang thanks for the post

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