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Pringles SE [Luls]
The easiest company ever.
  1. Go to
  2. For the "Please select a topic:" Select "Product concern".
  3. For the "* Product Name, Size, Flavor" go to:
    And Find which one you want!
  4. For UPC Code, go to and search the product you want. Find the UPC in this section:
    [Image: f10629d22f0f582600bceee5305658cc.png?1365907445]
  5. For the Manufacture Code - Leave it blank.
  6. Say you do not still have the package.
  7. When the ask "Where Was the Product Purchased? " just Google the info of a store near you.
  8. For the message, make a story about how the chips were stale/tasted bad/had mold ect.
  9. Fill in your real shipping information.
  10. If they email back asking for information, say you no longer have it.
  11. Congratz your done!

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