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Get 'SWAG' From Companies.
Not my method, but I have done this many times in the past. Works great with lots of companies.

First off, what is SWAG anyway? This SWAG is memorabilia such as T-Shirts, hats, stickers, key-chains and just random stuff that companies will provide for you if you know how to ask.

Here it is:

[hide]There are many ways to go abut this so get your pencils and paper ready.

A few companies to get you started off that are good targets are Monster, RedBull, NeverSummer, Dakine, Neff, Gatorade, and many many more.

Method 1: Email a company and say that you have a presentation at collage about them or something they do. Ask the company if you can have some T-shirts or stickers to give out and the presentation. Do not forget to mention that is will help them advertise.

Method 2: Email the company about a tournament of some sort that you are hosting at some facility. Ask them if they could send you a few things to give away as prizes to the contestants.

Method 3: This is really simple. All you have to do for method 3 is to email the company about how much you love them and you were wondering if you could get some gear to wear around school.[/hide]

That is it and I hope you enjoyed the method.
posting to check this out. thanks for sharing
Thanks for the share, going to check it out Tongue
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
Is this easy? Smile
Btw I don't really like swag anymore going into classy & Casual...
Best Regards,

[Image: 8COZs1S.gif]
im going to try this when i get the chance lol this might work Smile
wanna check this out!
Let me check this out, Hope this works Worldwide.
let me check that out thanks man Big Grin
Thanks for the share, going to check it out
Posting to check this out, Thanks for the great methods.

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