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[TUT] How to SE Designer Underwear
Time for my second contribution to the forum. Now this tutorial has a pretty good success rate, depending on the company you decide to do it on. The method is basically the same though.

Find an expensive or inexpensive fashion line which sells underwear, I will be using Fruit of the Loom for this example, but it works for high-end fashion as well.

1. E-Mail the company of choice Fruit of the Loom Email Link
2. Complain that you purchased the underwear and after wearing it about one or two times, it started developing several holes and tears in the fabric, but you cannot return it because you carry an STD (Pubic Lice is a good one because it is spread through contact). Be creative!
3. A representative will email you the following:
I am sorry to hear about the defective garments in your purchase.
Please provide the following and we can send replacements.

Style number/description:
Pack Quantity:
No. of Defective:
Made in:
Store where Purchased:

Fill this out, I usually say about half the pack is defective. You can find the style number by looking around on the website, and as for the place where it was made, say that you do not remember, but you think it was China.

4. Provide them with your shipping information.

If anybody has any questions, please leave them below.

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