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SE Soda Stream
SEing a soda stream is really easy here's the site:
(Due to inventory soda streams won't be sent out until late january)
--make sure you use real info or false info if your doing a drop otherwise someone will be getting a random soda stream---

In SEing a soda stream is really easy all it requires is a little knowledge of what a soda stream looks like and the parts of one. You can find this out by checking the pictures on the site and seeing which one you like and you can also use this to decide on which soda stream you want to SE (Personally i used it to get the penguin value pack which was 250.00)
You have 3 Options in SEing a Soda stream:
1) You can call them and they will talk to you over the Phone(takes about 15 mins)
2) You can send them an email
3) you can fill out the information in the link above and they will call you (This is probabley the easiest Method)

When SEing a soda stream you can use this as a complaint: You complain that every time you hit the carbonize button to carbonize the water it's not working
-This requires a little skill in SEing just to basically make a BS letter to why your machine won't carbonize water.
-It also requires the ability to talk over the phone without sounding nervous if you want get it done quickly
-You can say that the Co2 can is still full this will save time for when they call you

(If you want a different kind of sodastream you can change it in the message above)
They will contact you and help you trouble shoot your machine most of the question are going to be yes, but, make sure after everything they try and help you do to you let them know that it's still not working. Don't forget to pause and take a second when there trying to help you troubleshoot your machine. After they ask a series of questions they are going to eventually admit they have no idea what else to try and they are going to send you a new one in the mail.
*** There going to ask you to remove the washer than put it back in take a couple a mins and pause then tell the person you did***

So far this is the easiest method.

For those in the UK and other countries this works only by emailing them but make sure your using a email with .uk or whatever country your from. They will try and help you trouble shoot over email just answer their questions and eventually they will say there going to send you a new one.

*If your going to do a box method this is where you will tell them your reason of why you can't send it back*

*If you have any questions or need any help out all feel free to message me over the site*

Majority of this guide is spoon fed to help out people new to SEing.
Nice method! Soda Streams are expensive and getting one for free is awesome.
(04-16-2013, 12:40 AM)Ominous Wrote: Nice method! Soda Streams are expensive and getting one for free is awesome.

They tend to bill. Use a drop if you can, if not they dont enforce the bill though.

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