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How to Get FREE PIZZA!
How to SE Papa John’s / Dominos / Pizza Hut!

In this guide I will be teaching you how to successfully social engineer Papa John’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut and most other well-known restaurants that deliver to your house address. This doesn't require any initial investment and there is nothing to lose.

1) First, you will need to download the template that I made below.

2) Next, fill out the required details in the template. If you’d like to change restaurants – just change the logo at the top of the template to your desired restaurant.

3) Now, call your desired restaurant and tell them you were given a voucher that you are supposed to show the driver when he comes – if they ask why just say your last pizza wasn't nice and therefore you were offered a free meal next time. Order what you said on the template, and wait for the driver to come.

4) Once the driver comes, simply show him the letter and let him give it a quick read if he wishes – he will most likely hand over the food otherwise it will go to waste. His manager will of informed him that he will not be expecting cash anyway – so he probably won’t even read it at all.

5) Enjoy your free pizza!

Download Link:
Oh wow this sounds delicious! haha!
hahahaha this is priceless hahahaha thanks so much Big Grin
Wow, Nice method dude. Thanks Smile
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

Add me On Skype: Tiger.kelleway
Let me see that thanks man Big Grin

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