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[Website reviews(showcase)] Domain registars
Just thought I'd warn everyone; GoDaddy sucks royal donkey behind. I bought a domain, under fake name, etc. Apparently that set their little filters off and now it's locked Tongue Don't really care since it was like 1 dollar but it was a lot of aggravation.

Use NameCheap, it may cost 10 dollars but with whoisguard included. Fast DNS updates too Tongue -Stay away from them if possible, if you aren't using legit info. They called me when I reg'd a domain to confirm info. Random call too :p
I use for Cyber Forums. Overpriced, but they have good service.
I use Crazy Domains and Aviator Hosting for my 2 domains Big Grin.
I guess my and Ominous use the same thing.
Cost me $0.50 first first year of domain.
Aww man cost me $.99 for the first year to register Cyber Forums.
I use for my three domains. I love their live support option.
#7 is the best i can tell you (:
Well I use crazy domains :3
Yeah, is the best. Or Moniker. Network Solutions just has terrible support.

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