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Relationship advice from Virus
So guys I'm 19 been in a few relationships and finally found the one, but all my friends and people I know always ask for my advice as all the way through school I was the nerd who had relationships Smile I'm a weird nerd apparently :/ kinda popular and play rugby for my county.

So just a little bit of advice for all you new kids getting into relationships,
(all my opinions from past relationships)

1. The main rule of a relationship, DO NOT start dating a close friend as it will NOT work out at all, you have a few dates and a good time and them after a couple week it goes sour and then when you decide to break it off you've just lost a good friend, even if you stay friends it's always going to be awkward between you 2, (learnt this 3 times -_-)

2. Don't be so stubborn all the time, if you have a girl and she wants to do something, then go along with it even of you don't like it it shows commitment and that your willing to try new things for her, even if it's putting makeup on, just dot go out of the house with it and no one will know.

3. Listen to her, if she says nothing is wrong then there's something wrong, girls want you to keep asking to get to the bottom of things, girls are very cryptic in these matters, by when she says what's up listen to her and try work on it.

4. Be cute sometimes, girls like it when a guy is cute round her, for example even hugging from behind or lending her your massive hoody is cute, they like this, itales them feel at ease with you and trust you,

5. Spoon her at night, even if you don't like this, all you get is a face full of hair and an awkward boner but she likes it so just move her hair and it should be fine, girls love being spooned from behind it makes them feel safe and secure.

6. Listen to her music too, you may have different tastes like me and my girlfriend but when she puts her music on just grin and bare it, may even like it Wink if it's not one direction that is.

7. Take her out places., basically this is self explanatory, take your girl out for a meal, or even enter cook her something up that she likes and make a night of it, you never know you might get somewhere Wink

8. Make her feel special, when she asks do I look fat in this don't say yes -_- just say no you look gorgeous, never put her down, always compliment her even when she doesn't ask for it.

9. dont be too obsessed, take some time for yourself and never change for anyone, even the love of your life, if she cant accept you for you then she doesnt deserve you.

#10 stay yourself and you'll find a real girl.

#11 if the girl is real or just a whore is that she never asks you to buy her anything. + when she is shopping it doesn't take fucking 3 hours. If it's a real girl, she's gonna take what she needs and get the fuck out of the mall.

So guys this is just some stuff I've learn over the year, hope it helps,
Nice advice. I could use this...
Nice advice there dude.
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Nice. but I call total bullsh*t on number 1. Tongue
I've had relationships with 3 close friends. And its still not awkward.
Need any help? Feel free to PM me Big Grin i'll be glad to help!

My Contribution Threads!!

The "be yourself" advice is bad. Look, it's fine if you're already successful with girls. But I see this advice given out to guys who don't have a lot of success with girls. If I'm a WoW-playing loner, being myself isn't going to get me a girlfriend, is it?

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