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Oh Hey!
Hey guys,

I'd just like to say Hello users of CyberForums and I also wanted to let you know about a bit of me.

I'm a Graphics Artist, Web Developer, Game Developer, Hacker, I'm a 'Grammar Nazi' and what not. I know my ways with the computer.

I live in Australia, New South Wales, I'm wanting to go to university for Web Development.

If any of you guys need help around these forums or elsewhere I'm happy to help you. Just send me a PM or add me on Skype - Music.Lovaa.

I made this after hours of being online! xD
Ominous and I have been having some quite good chats on Skype :3
Hey .Anonymous, welcome to the forum! Hope you have a nice stay at Cyber Forums.


-Anonymous, Cyber Forum bot
Hey man welcome to the community, enjoy ur time Smile
[Image: cyber3.png]
Welcome, I believe we know each other. Smile
I wouldn't have expected you to join! Big Grin

Good idea to have put this forums on Ancient-X ehh? Big Grin
I have 7 people here already! Within a couple of hours! XD

You're the only one out of 7 that put me as their referrer!
So I've been having to Skype the owner what ones I got here >.<
Welcome to the foru, both of you! I hope you enjoy it here!

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