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Purplehaze's story of viphackforums
Lol banned from VipHackForums, Queen is a schziphrenic bitch!

This is all coming from myself, PurpleHaze, so you know it is not bullshit and I hope you read it over. I first joined VipHackForums on November of 2012 when the forum was small. I had an account on SPAM and only came to troll. In the SPAM account section there was a user who forgot to blur out part of his username. I reported it to Omniscient about the user trying to sell his account. Then I started trolling users hard about December 2012 and the Illuminati. As the admin is delusional she allowed all my blatantly retarded threads.
I then worked at fucking up the forum from the inside out. The owner, Mrs. Gignac, is extremely easy to manipulate. The staff user Matrix I got him exiled. and then I worked at getting King demoted . Over time I was able to gain the trust of Mrs. Gignac. She even promoted me to a staff position on the site. At this point my year 2008 account on SPAM got permabanned and as I was now staff on this new forum I figured I would start being active and helping the community grow.

I should probably also tell you the story behind VipHackForums. You can go onto her SPAM (UNSEENz) account and view her reputation to get an idea of her. She is a low mind and with nothing to offer. Honestly nothing. All she is able to do is ewhore which is a form of manipulation. Read her reputation comments. “She rats and infects members”, “Will use you and treat you like shit when she no longer needs you”, etc. Seriously the list is long; she was a terrible low quality user. Obviously her account gets banned and so she makes a copy of the site. Same categories, theme, everything. She also made it so no one can negative rep her on VipHackForums. Reputation, the green points, is her life.

However; the idea of VipHackForums was amazing. Originally she said she stood for the truth. She wanted a community of free speech and high thinkers. The community actually started growing. We had lots of active members, groups, there was even a point when we all would go on TinyChat and all be on video talking to each other, around 20 members all in a TinyChat. The forum was amazing. She did give all her friends free stuff though (Snow joined VHF, immediately got promoted to staff, and given free usergroup. Skiezo joined VHF, immediately got promoted to staff. Kohsti joined VHF, given free usergroup "BlackShades", UB3R, and some user awards)

The first major downfall happened when Mrs. Gignac decided to stop everyone from selling booters and only her low quality booter (VHF Booter) would be allowed for sale. She only cares about money. She adds lots of user groups such as l33t, ub3r, and pow3r to make money. (more groups than SPAM even has) Selling at $10, $20, and $30. She has user groups that people can purchase which gives you a private subforum. Mrs. Gignac sells these at $60. Finally there is her low quality booter which doesn’t work and only outputs less than a 1Gbps at around 800Mbps. To make it worse she won’t allow any else to sell their products because it would compete and take all her money away.
She then started banning all the active members. Just randomly there would be a new member banned with no reason given. I was staff so I would check the ban reason. I can’t think of them all but some examples off the top of my head is Swivle, Webmaster, PhilGizzle, Luca, Angel, etc. So instead of having an active community we all slowly started seeing the people we like disappear.

The site is always being DDoSed and the owner doesn’t even know anything about thing about computers. She actually is a definition of skid. She even posted to SPAM making a thread on a random account asking for help preventing layer7 floods. Just the other day she deleted private.php so no one was able to view messages all day. All the themes have been corrupted and the CSS doesn’t work although she loves her Fnatic theme which supports some gaming site.

Now the Hope for Paws thing is funny as fuck. She finds a random charity online and tells people to start donating to them. In a few days she calls the charity as she is an attention whore and wanted some recognition. She got upset when they didn’t immediately respond so she spams their Facebook page and gets people to start filing complaints and reports against this REGISTERED LEGAL charity. She got users to make charge backs from Paypal too. First of all it is a weekend, and second of all it is a not for profit charity not managed by a large team of staff. The charity did finally respond to her and Queen even made the charity post a message on the site.
You are probably wondering how someone can be this stupid. So with all respect she actually has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. So honestly is psychotic. She has even admitted in her posts that she hears noises and sees objects. She isn’t legally sane enough to live on her own and so at her age of 26 she still lives with her Dad in a low income apartment. She is unable to get a job, even at Wal-Mart, so she makes her money by scamming people on her website VipHackForums. It doesn’t matter how much money you donate to her she will still delete your groups and ban your accounts. She removes awards and reputations as well. The site is just low quality and not managed by a competent person (someone who isn’t mentally insane).

She couldn’t even enable the Skype resolver and had to ask Ped to do it for her. Here is what user SunBear said after being banned for speaking out against Queen “I supplied the API for QUEEN SH0CKA to use and I got about 60 resolves in the first day, which I don't mind because I have over 6 million resolves left. She didn't even thank me for giving her the API, nor would she allow me to have the resolvers name on it. The "Powered by VHF" shit is a joke, they can't do much for their own.”

Her booter is terrible and all she did was upload a .PHP web template and typed in the url API address for Primal Rages booter. Very weak and you can test it out yourself. Queen gave away hundreds of free accounts to everyone which was against Primal Rages terms of use. She didn’t care and continued to do it. She then stole Primal Rages booter source and still uses it on her booter. She also banned Primal Rage for speaking out against her.
I honestly never thought I would have wrote such a message but this what Queen has turned VipHackForums into.
I suggest you all VPN or use normal connection to make a new account on SPAM or use your current account. SPAM is very large and you won’t encounter much trouble unless you directly try to cause shit. It is actually significantly better than VipHackForums. 24/7 active thousands of users, honestly take a look at the online users right now on VHF while you’re reading this.

No on this site knows how to code, no one can hack, it is all low quality users. There are no threads in the coding section, or any computer related thread. View the new posts. It just people posting “thanks for the share” to unlock the thread since queen enabled the (hide) tag which makes it so people have to post. All the threads are poor troll attempts or just someone copy and pasting an ebook. She is forcing spam because she knows her site is failing. She is giving members awards to write fake Alexa reviews
She is just a manipulative schizophrenic bitch who only cares about money and will use you until she doesn’t need you anymore and treat you like shit. She has amounted to nothing in her pathetic life. Part of me even feels sad as there is nothing she could do to change this even if she wanted to.

The forum has failed.

Real Full Dox:
I also got banned a few days after, QUEEN is just a paranoid bitch, she banned all the HQ members at once.

I compare that forum to shit.
Read it. She legitimately thinks he's going to kill her. It'd be the best damn thing to happen to VIPHF. Read it before, he's completely right.
(09-08-2013, 09:48 AM)Korrupt Wrote: Posting to unlock. Hope to see something good

It wasn't locked -_-
well, fuck:
(09-08-2013, 10:36 PM)Stamina Wrote: well, f**k: =profile&uid=2784

Wrong Queen. We traced her IP back then, and it isn't her. Or is it?
(09-08-2013, 10:39 PM)Kronos Wrote:
(09-08-2013, 10:36 PM)Stamina Wrote: well, f**k: =profile&uid=2784

Wrong Queen. We traced her IP back then, and it isn't her. Or is it?

Dun dun DUN
Lets hope not
(09-08-2013, 10:42 PM)Stamina Wrote: Dun dun DUN
Lets hope not

Okay, that post REALLY needed sound effects.

I take it you have her tit pics?
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They say that I can't last a day in the real world
I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine

Note. My English will be pretty bad for the next week or so, I'm using a blackberry PlayBook and the keyboard is utter shit.
(09-08-2013, 11:44 PM)Section Wrote: I take it you have her tit pics?

I don't, but I think Ryan might.

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