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How to fund your LibertyReserve for FREE! [No Download]
It was my former leak on LF. I bought it for 5 dollars PP so It is a LQ ebook.


you need to have a Libertyreserve account
if you don't sign up here:

you need to get your first cent 0.01$
so go to this website:

this website give you 0.02$ but libertyreserve fee take 0.01$
you sign up ( easy to do , don't forget to write your libertyreserve account )
then you have to stay 15 minute and a code will be shown in the Home of the page
so you have to copy that code and paste it into : "Enter the voucher into your LibertyReserve account"
so a 0.02$ will be in your libertyreserve instantany
ok let's stay here for a few time
this website give you 0.02$ everyday , you log in and wait 15 min and the code shows again
if you always send this code to your account you will receive only 0.01$ everytime because the fee libertyreserve ( that happens to me )
this is why we have the other place to put the code "Enter the voucher into your balance"
for the next day just put the code in your balance, and when you have 0.5 or 1$ then send it and u will receive 0.49 or 0.99$ .

now i have in my account my 0.01$ what i can do next
just go here:

you will see "Desposit"
click it and it going to ask you to type your information of libertyreserve
just follow the orders ( and put 0.01 when it ask for the amount )
and when you confirme your desposite return to this site:

then wait 24 min so that 0.01 will be 0.24$
this website give you 0.01$ every minute without playing
just leave the page and go do something else
when you wait this 24 minute or 30 minute
click cash in the right of the page
and then click "Withdraw"
so this 0.24 will be in your account instantany
now you have 0.24$ in your account

go to this website

this is a gambling website
if you want to play you click same or diff
the roles are written in the website
but we don't need that
you just look right and you see bonus
click it
and it will ask for your account information
(you will pay 0.01$)
after the confirmation
click return to the page
then you will see a message that says 0.03 send to your LR account
( sometime this message doesn't shown but you still get paid )
the new here is that other gambling page give you that bonus one time
but here you can do it again and again
i don't know why
just do the step 4 over and over
when you reach 1$ or like that
this button will disappear
so just change your ip adress and enter the page again
and you will find this bonus and do the step 4 again
and like that if you can see you will take every 5 seconds 0.01$
( you give this website 0.01 so you have -0.01 they give you 0.03 so you have 0.02 then the fee take 0.01
so you just have 0.01$)
this is my own discover
it's not to much and boring a little but better than PTC that make you wait 10 seconds for 0.001
and sometime you find that they just scam
here you're sure that this 0.01$ goes to your LB account instantany

STEP 5 :
This is a new website i just find
it's another Head-Tail games
the new here is that they give you 0,1 dollar every 10 minute
first go to this website

then sign up ( it's simple to do , you need a Libertyreserve account )
after you log in
click 'LR Free'
then write the captcha and click 'try your luck'
and wait 10 min to see if you win and repeat that every 10 min i get 1 $ my first time i just
get lucky everytime and play with the money i get and win in head-tail game

i just keep editing my thread everytime i find a helpful website
so "bookmark this post"
today also i find a good website even better than md5games
thay give you 0.1$ every 10 min
but the new here is that they give it to 5 members and also
you don't have to write any captcha
follow my steps:
1- go here
2- desposit any amount ( i did desposit 0.01$ only)
3- click "Promotion"
4- Go watch tv and leave this page or do anything when you came back you will see that you did win some money
for me i desposit 0.01$ and wait 10 min i earn 0.05 then i withdraw it and even i have 0$ in my account
i leave it and when i came back i find that i earn 0.12$ aawweeessooome

this is a cool website give you the chance to double your Libertyreserve money
it's very trusted and you will earn if you follow my steps
1- go here
2- bet on HEAD or Tail
3- click "win LR"
4- transfer money from your Livertyreserve
5- when you return to the website you will see if you lose or win ( if you lose look step 6 )
6- if you lose just bet again on the same ( if you bet first time Head bet Head again ) you will win and it will double your money and like nothing happen

This is the end of my topic
i hope that you enjoy it
and you all get your money today for 0$
and don't forget when you reach 3 or 5$
invist it in a website or buy something


Hope you guys enjoy!
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As it seems i'm forced to present a valid and yet worthwile reply in this thread or post or wtvr.
Sorry if this use is offensive, i'm just reaally curious to see what you guys got here.
so this method worked or just waste ?
I works. But some of it works, some of it doesn't
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

Add me On Skype: Tiger.kelleway
Posting to take a look. Thanks.
Me wants to see thiss

убийство. #RIP Unsolidarity

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Me wants to see thiss
(05-21-2013, 02:21 PM)Anonymus Wrote: Me wants to see thiss

Did you rlly just copy Lies?
(05-26-2013, 10:47 PM)Ominous Wrote:
(05-21-2013, 02:21 PM)Anonymus Wrote: Me wants to see thiss

Did you rlly just copy Lies?

Yes, yes he did. ._.

OT: I'm going to check this out, hopefully it works.
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(05-27-2013, 12:16 AM)demoncody Wrote:
(05-26-2013, 10:47 PM)Ominous Wrote:
(05-21-2013, 02:21 PM)Anonymus Wrote: Me wants to see thiss

Did you rlly just copy Lies?

Yes, yes he did. ._.

OT: I'm going to check this out, hopefully it works.
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