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RAT Collection

What is a RAT?

A Remote Administration Tool, or simply a RAT, is a software/program used to manipulate/control a slave/target's computer. It will give you, if not total, almost full control of the slave's computer, giving you access to all its files and folders (unless it's a limited account), and even access to its network.Remote Administration Tools are created to be used LEGALLY, but it is often considered a malicious software, or simply a malware, with uses, such as spying and information stealing.Even though it is created for legal purposes such as remote administration of employees' computers to monitor their work, or to monitor your child's activity on the Internet, RATting can be considered an illegal activity, and may result to some punishments, depending on what type of illegal activity you did, and if YOU GET CAUGHT.Basic RAT Functions and UsesRATs have many functions built in them, so I can't really discuss them all here, but I'll give you some common functions which are usually the reasons why most hackers (not to mention skids) want to use this tool.Screen/Webcam Captures - This function is usually used by those who like to stalk their victims (usually their cheating BF or GF/cheating husband or wife/crushes, and the likes). They like to know what they are doing with their computer, or who are they talking/chatting to, etc. In this function, you can actually see the screen of your slave's computer, and he is actually doing at the moment.Keylogger/Stealer - These two functions are very useful when you want to compromise a slave's account. The Keylogger logs every keystroke the slave types on his keyboard, so basically, you can see everything that they've typed once you got them infected. The Stealer, on the other hand, "steals" saved/cached passwords from your slave's computer. The Stealer usually works on personal computers, and Keyloggers are best on Internet Cafes.File Manager - This function is usually used by "diggers". When I say diggers, what I mean is they are those who like to sniff around the slave's computer for valuable files, such as account credentials (games, social networking sites, e-mail addresses), contacts, examination papers (if you want to cheat), and not to mention nude pictures (yeah, especially if you infected a legit E-whore). You can access all files and folders of the computer, assuming you know how to find your way in the directories, and the user account has administrative rights. If the account doesn't have administrative privileges, then you can only view the user's files, but not all the files in the computer.Bot Functions - These functions are useful for those who like to monetize and DDoS. In monetizing, like link-clicking/visiting, they can make a decent amount in just a few days if they have a good number of slaves. In the DDoS functions (I'm not sure, but not all RATs have DDoS functions if I'm not mistaken), it's just the same. If you have a decent amount of slaves, you can take down small sites in a few minutes, depending on the security and endurance of the site.Batch Scripting - This function is usually used by those who wants to punish their slave/s. They either create a nasty batch file, or they just format the whole computer. Note that this is not as easy as 1-2-3 though, because the slave might notice that he's infected if you do this.IP Grabbing - Yes, we all know that there's not much we can do with IP addresses, except for location tracking and a few more exploits in Metasploit. Also note that location tracking isn't that accurate since it only gets the estimated position of the IP address.How To Use a RATNow that you know what is a RAT and it's common uses, you might be thinking on using one, either to satisfy your curiosity, get revenge, or some other purposes.

DarkComet v5.3.1

[Image: darkcomet531_zps00074023.jpg]


CyberGate v3.4.2.2

[Image: cybergate_zps1facdae1.png]


Xtreme RAT v3.6 Private

[Image: xtremerat_zps2b5c9217.jpg]


ClientMesh RAT v6.4

[Image: crackedd-3fe20af.png]


NovaLite v3.7 Private

[Image: novalite7_zps1294a90a.png]


BlackShades v5.5.1

[Image: main.png]


Imminent Monitor v2.0.1.9

[Image: Capture_zpsc4172f6c.png]


jRAT v4.1.1

[Image: jRAT_zps010a19ce.png]

[Image: lolsignature_zpse48661e6.png]
I might use these later on... thanks man!
(05-03-2013, 09:08 PM)Ominous Wrote: I might use these later on... thanks man!

Nice, you may delete the other RAT threads that I post.
[Image: lolsignature_zpse48661e6.png]
Looks awesome !
(06-29-2013, 02:03 PM)horbarn Wrote: Looks awesome !

You welcome, enjoy.
[Image: lolsignature_zpse48661e6.png]
Xtreme RAT v3.6 Private download link is out.
Not sure about the others.

[Image: 0N6]

If needed, please contact one of administrators for assistance.

ImProjex   Ryan | Virus

(07-02-2013, 06:24 AM)ImProjex Wrote: Xtreme RAT v3.6 Private download link is out.
Not sure about the others.

Thank you, I will update the links.
[Image: lolsignature_zpse48661e6.png]
I heard that clientmsh is good Smile
I updated the links.

Yeah, clientmesh is a nice RAT. Smile

I maybe post a few more RATs.
[Image: lolsignature_zpse48661e6.png]
Nice share, NovaElite is just called NovaLite I believe and you should add netwire trial, only one connection but still a great rat if your trying to say get into someones paypal. A great share thanks a lot man.
Kind regards, Trojan.
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