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Welcome back guys :)
Finally we're back XD

I had no for to go to really, due to being banned on LF and I don't like HF, I Cba with all the other forums like FK I did use anarchy forums for a while, the owner is pretty chill,

Anyway glad to be back, there's gonna be a lot of changes round here Smile
Glad to be back here.
Yep. Hopefully I can get the .org domain back and redirect it to here.
Thank god, I was upset the forum was lost, I was like the fuck? I just joined...
"round here" got the Umpa Lumpa song stuck in my head... Why'd you do this to me Virus?!?!

I'm very glad to be back! Tongue

[Image: 0N6]

If needed, please contact one of administrators for assistance.

ImProjex   Ryan | Virus

I am soo Glad you are back Smile , but Not on Skype Tongue

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