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Cashout CC to LR.
Cashout CC to LR.
Things you'll need:
-A working (good) credit card. Can be bought from CC Shop.
-A good socks5, Proxy or RPD that works with the cards info
-Simple as that

Get your socks5, proxy, or RDP up and ready to go.
Make a PP account.
Connect your CC to your PP account.
Go to and make an account.
Insert the amount of LR you think your CC can accept. If your not sure, just look it up or some shit.
Find the card type and limits on the card.
If you got true fulls, call up the customer support, say you're calling from a friends/family member phone and ask to set your limit to the max limit you can transfer with your current PP account.
You just cashed out CC to LR.

убийство. #RIP Unsolidarity

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I will Try this Thanks man Smile
I think it would be from with UKASH Gift card, still posting to see
I want some bitcoin or perfectmoney this way :p
I have so many CCs :v

This was different still exchanger's site seized.
I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code and proper permissions to edit it.
Thanks for posting lies!! Seems like u never do!! You know the way!

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