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[TUT] using vBulletin 4.1.x / 5.x.x 0day exploit
Recently, hacking websites powered by vBulletin was trending! Wondering how? ;]

Let me show you how they do it. :]
After-all, we all are here to learn, and also teach!

Download the exploit code from here
Host the file on any website.

Follow the steps shown in the pictures:

[Image: 2e0jxad.png]
[Image: 2r5fejm.png]
[Image: f0xoxd.png]
[Image: 2yo8yol.png]
[Image: 4v0dpi.png]
[Image: fm50te.png]
[Image: 1syyhg.png]
[Image: 5pei2s.png]
[Image: 28h2a6c.png]
I wonder who gave you that shell. :p
Was that the one hosted on my server.

This is a good tutorial, but you guys will have a hard time finding a site that's still vulnerable to this method.
Wasn't your shell :3

Plus this isn't my tutorial, I'm too lazy to make a tut like this XD

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