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Bestbuy store pick up person needed
Bestbuy store pick up person needed

I'm looking for someone who has embosser and blank cards whom can do bestbuy store pick up's. I can do a lot of items' iPads,Mac book pro,iMac and etc. Anyone interested should contact me back for a real deal. I would need to verify if you're in the states before we have a deal and the person got to have experience in shopping and runners on the street and have a good buyers for a quick sales. Bestbuy is moving crazily my brothers… Lets get Paid. Enjoy

This are the kind of info's, i will be sending you for the pick up's.

Order Number : bby01-604061001xxx

Pick Up Person : Keneah William

Item Description : Apple - iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi - 32GB - Black

Store Location : 1709 N BECHTLE AVE , SPRINGFIELD , OH 45504

Last Four Digits of Visa Card : 72xx

Card Number : 4266841xx23672xx
Exp date : 09-14
Code : 412
Phone Number : 3304188875

====>> Contact me via :

Bestbuy is moving crazily my brothers… Lets get Paid. Enjoy
Hey best_buy, welcome to the forum! Hope you have a nice stay at Cyber Forums.


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Your first post we dont know you very well=\
But goodluck with finding a partner !!
and welcome to cyber forums Smile
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