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How to SE a free 25$ Prepaid Visa Card
I've done this once and there are quite a few reqs and unfortunately this method is very time consuming.

A brain
Access to Walmart
A computer or alternative to accessing the internet

Step 1: Go here and hit "Email Us" near the top before you see those retarded PG people:

Step 2: Fill out your information, (preferably real incase walmart checks ID with coupons but the one I go to doesn't). For the question put this in or something close:

Hello, my name is Jason Jones and I bought 2 packs of fusion razors from you guys at walmart a day ago. When I opened the package the razors were broken already, I tried to take them back to Walmart but because the packages were opened they told me to get ahold of you guys.  I have been a customer of you guys for years and always buy your products when I need to shave my beard and side burns. I'm very disappointed that this happened and now I'm here to discuss the matter.

Step 3: Wait for a week or 2 for your coupons to come in the mail and head on up to Walmart.

Step 4: Purchase the 2 packs of razors that amount to $30 combined with your coupons to get them for free, (well almost free I had to pay a penny out of pocket).

Step 5: Exit the store, wait about 20 minutes to an hour unless they are super busy they won't notice you're trying to do fraud. Come back and tell them you noticed you bought the wrong razors and are wanting to return your product.

Step 6: This step is based off of the customer service response:
If they take it and give you a giftcard for $30 or whatever the price is skip to step 7..
If they DO NOT give you a gift card, tell them you want your product back as you feel like you can make better use of the product than losing a product you rightfully deserved and get/act mad about it, (remember the customer is always right, people oftenly back down from aggression and anger).
If this attempt fails to work, come back another day and repeat #7 or return it at another Walmart, repeat this until you get your gift card.
If this all still fails, scratch out the coupon part of the receipt and take it back again and tell them that the cashier scratched it out trying to write something down or some bullshit like that if they ask.

Step 7 Part B:
You can also go this route is what I plan to do next time because I'm printing off their new policy ( that they have to give you a giftcard without a receipt, so I refuse to show them receipts to fuck myself over, if the package is not opened they should gladly give you a giftcard that matches the price.

Step 7: Find the prepaid vanilla Visas or a prepaid debit card up at the rack somewhere near the cash register areas in Walmart, pick one out and purchase that.

Congratulations, you just got a $25 Prepaid Visa, A.K.A. VCC with $25 loaded for free. Cool
Is this P&G?
If so I cannot do it.
Taking a look at this. Thx
Taking a look at this, thx.
Curious to what this actually is Smile
Is this P&G?
If so I cannot do it.
thank you admins i love you ll
Taking a look at this.
thank you for the share

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