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Tampering Guide
A Simple yet effective Tampering Guide.


#1 - Sealing the Package

When sealing the package always remember to unseal it, as stupid as it sounds I used this every time I use the box method. Im going to use the iPhone box as an example. Open the package and put whatever in the small pouch where your iPhone is supposed to be, seal it then unseal it. To seal it back up get a piece of household tape and make a circle with it, by this I mean get both ends fold it round and stick them together like double sided tape, with this stick the pouch flap back and put it in the box.

When this is done seal the plastic package up and open it with a clean knife cute, get a piece of tape and re-seal it. Remember the more professional it looks the more it looks to be a professional organization of mail sealers!

#2 - Weight

You can look up the weight of almost any product on the internet, make sure you can either match the weight or get just below it, never go over as it is impossible for that item to weigh more than it actually does.

iPhone Package Weight - 0.350kg

#3 - Weight Continued (Sugar Method)

Now the mailing companies are starting to check where the weight left the package, now if you are really smart you can trick them. This can be done with many different things but im going to use sugar as an example. Fill the box full of sugar and drill/cut a few small holes in the box as well as the outer packaging. Now over time this is going to fall out causing the weight to change therefore they cannot tell where the weight left the box, if your box arrives empty they can see there was items in the package when you sent it.

#4 - Leaving Notes

Personally I think this is dumb because a bank robber doesn't leave his name and address on a sticky pad note in the bank does he, need I say more...?

#5 - Conclusion

Always remember to alter and try new things, don't just follow what the crowd does because sooner or later it might be you who takes the shit as they have finally realized there getting scammed out of their monies. You will succeed better if you think about what your doing before you do it so make sure you make a good job of the tamper as if you make it look like a 12 year old has done this in his sleep they will catch on.


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Nice tutorial, Lies! Useful for SE'ing.
Yup lol


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(05-26-2013, 02:24 AM)Lies Wrote: Yup lol


What the heck are the numbers for?
You have alot of time on your hands Lies!Tongue
Posting all this HQ shit damn...
The numbers was because of the character count.

And I just try to post only HQ shit here whenever I get the chance.

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This looks like an awesome guide thanks for the share!
Kind regards, Trojan.
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