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[SEO] Help me maybe?
Okay, first I would like to state that this is not about hacking a website or anything I just need help grabbing someone's IP so I can finish their dox. I tried using the skype resolvers I knew of but non of them seemed to be able to grab his IP. The reason I am doxing him is because he decided to turn on me and rat me out about ddosing and doxing members of another forum. He did all of that just because I didn't agree with his opinion, basically...he's a dick. He also stated he cannot be doxed but I just so happen to have some shit pulled off of his and his family's facebook pages. If you guys could help me grab his IP address then have at it. His skype name is
he still uses the account he made for when my booter was still being worked on and when he was the technical support.

EDIT: Nevermind, got a resolver to work by constantly spamming the one on my booter. xD
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Do you want me to lock the thread?
(05-26-2013, 10:43 PM)Ominous Wrote: Do you want me to lock the thread?

Yes please.
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